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Footware with Care Program

Footwear with Care

April 2017

Thanks to a great group of Podiatrists who spent the morning on Saturday  doing foot screenings for the homeless program Footwear with Care...including our own Dr. Thomas Johnson!


Congratulations .... Again!

Dr. Marra earns "Top Doc" award again!April 2017 - Join us in congratulating Dr. Robert Marra for once again being listed in CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE as one of the state's TOP DOCS!

Year after year, he continues to enjoy this special distinction. The TOP DOC award is especially meaningful as it is a result of polling other doctors as to whom they would choose for their own care.

That's a pretty awesome endorsement....for a pretty awesome Podiatrist!

A new baby and a new Doctor...our family is growing!

In early May Dr. Laura Vander Poel and her husband, Kyle welcomed their third daughter. Baby Juliette weighed in at almost 10 pounds and joins her proud big sisters, Sydney and Lucy. Everyone is doing well and Dr. Vander Poel is hard at work both at home and in the office!

In other news, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Rebecca Wiesner has joined our staff on July 1, 2015. Dr. Wiesner is a native of Enfield, CT and is excited to be  returning back to the area to practice.  She graduated magna cum laude from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  From there, she went on to get her Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from Des Moines University in Iowa where she graduated in the top of her class and was a member of the Pi Delta National Honors Society. She then completed a three-year podiatric surgical residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital.  Dr. Wiesner received training in all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery including reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle, diabetic limb salvage, and trauma. While there, she was awarded the Residency Excellence Award and also served as a chief resident during her final year. Please give her a warm welcome when you meet her!


Once again, Dr. Robert Marra has been named a TOP DOC in CONNECTICUT Magazine's April 2015 issue. Questionnaires are sent to 5000 doctors asking them who they would send a loved one to "for expert medical care". It is quite a distinction  to be recognized by your peers.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Marra.



Alternative to Surgery...for some Heel Pain Sufferers

PodiatryCare and the Heel Pain Center now offers in office EXTRACORPOREAL PULSE ACTIVATION TREATMENT (EPAT). This is sometimes referred to as “shockwave therapy” and is effective for patients with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, capsulitis and neuromas .This procedure is a great alternative for patients who prefer not to have surgery. We provide EPAT as a series of three treatments each one week apart. There is no anesthesia, it is non invasive and you can resume normal activities immediately. Call for an appointment to see if EPAT is right for you.

Once again, Mom was right!

For years I put off having my feet fixed. I didn't want to take the time to do what I knew I should do.

My mother referred me to her Podiatrist, Dr. Kristen Winters. She quickly instilled a sense of confidence and put my mind at ease. I had a toe joint replacement and hammertoe surgery. On the day of my surgery, she calmed my nerves. It wasn't until after my surgery that I discovered what a good carpenter she is! My outcome was better than I expected and I was back to hiking and wearing normal shoes again. I am very pleased.

I will be back hiking the Appalachian soon as the snow melts!

 John F.

Don't believe everything you hear about bunion surgery

I heard so many horror stories about bunion surgery that now I want to dispell all those misconceptions.

As soon as school was over, I had my second bunion surgery done by Dr. Winters. Six days later I went in to school for several half days of curriculum work.

It just isn't true that you are locked up in your home writhing in pain for weeks and weeks! In fact, at 7 weeks post op, I went for a two hour walk with my daughter...comfortably. For me, the pain immediately following surgery was manageable and the results are SO worth it!

I always wore flip flops in the summertime (because I liked them AND because they gave me relief!) I was spending up to $200 for orthopedic shoes...ugh!

Now I am looking forward to wearing real shoes this season. Having bunion surgery was a real quality of life issue for me. I couldn't be more pleased.

Susan N.

I had a mid foot fusion!

I have been in pain all my life. Since birth, both my feet have given me great difficulty. Over the years, I consulted with several doctors, but it wasn't until I met Dr. Marra that I found a solution.

He has now done mid foot fusions on both my feet (a year apart!) and I am so pleased. His bedside manner is outstanding and he is a great listener. He addressed all my concerns patiently and effectively.

Now that he has reconstructed both my feet,  walking is a pleasure!

Finally, it is rythmic and natural.

Nancy R. 

Announcing Antifungal Nail Polish

Are you concerned about using nail polish because of the risk of fungus?

We are now offering a specially formulated polish for your nails which includes an FDA-approved anti-fungal ingredient thatl helps to combat the organisms which cause fungus. The polish is infused with Undecylenic acid which is organic and 100% natural.

We have a selection of colors as well as a base coat for you to choose from.

So don't compromise on beauty, stop in and pick up some polish today.

I was suffering with heel spurs for years....

 Twenty years ago I was treated for heel spurs, but my foot pain returned. I was hobbling around unable to walk in my favorite park and dreading doing the house repairs I needed to do on a ladder.

Dr. Marra believed I was a good candidate for the EPAT (extra corporeal pulse activation treatment). Although I had never heard about this alternative, I did some research and decided to give it a try. I had three sessions  a week apart and experienced a slow start to the healing. But just as he said, the healing continued well after my treatments concluded. It was amazing. I have been up and down my ladder, the cedar shakes are all done! And best of all, I am back to walkin with no pain again. I am thrilled!..............Richard B. 

I am finally walking again!

 My foot pain was high up on the scale and it was causing me to limp. I came to Dr. Marra and learned I had plantar fasciitis . He gave me a cortisone injection and sent me for physical therapy as well. Unfortunately, for me the relief was not lasting and we discussed EPAT.

Although it was a big out of pocket expense, I am now pain free after 4 treatments. It was the best decision I made this year!.....................................Paul B.     

Alcohol Injections (Neurolysis)

 Apparently what I had was a neuroma. The bottoms of my toes were always throbbing. My treatment was a series of injections a couple of weeks apart. After the first two I still didn't feel any different. After the 3rd injection, however, I felt an 85% improvement.  By # 5 I was very satisfied. I went from being in pain 100% of the time, to every now and then seldom!

It is such a relief to not be in pain. ......Joanne T.

What could Orthotics possibly do????

 I work in a supermarket on concrete floors for 7 hours a day and I was in quite a bit of pain when  I came into the office. Dr. Marra recommended that I get a pair of custom orthotics, and frankly I thought there was no way that they could make a difference. Boy, was I wrong! 

They are amazing! I cannot say enough about them. I am so much more comfortable and I have no more pain. For me it was a much better alternative than surgery. I am delighted to be pain free..I tell everyone about orthotics,.................,...........Maria S. 

I may wear my sandals all year long!

I was a dancer for over twenty years. Now I am a hairdresser and on my feet all the time. For years I have been suffering with painful bunions which got to the point that I needed to buy larger shoes, and then WIDER shoes! I drew the line when I needed the next size up...again.

Finally, I decided to have something done about my feet.  In spite of hearing horror stories from friends who claimed it would be painful and I would have to be off my feet for weeks on end, I learned this was not true.

My experience was wonderful. Dr. Winters did one foot in May and I had the other one done in July. I returned to work quickly and easily. I love showing off my new feet so much....I just may wear my sandals all year long!

If you are even considering a solution to painful bunions, go for a consult. Get it done! I am glad I did.....................Corrine C.

From my my toes

 I was going through a very difficult time personally. I had several serious wounds on my feet that unfortunately , led to a major bone infection. Ultimately I had to undergo some very radical surgery.

Dr. Winters was absolutely  fantastic! Her surgical skills got me through the medical part  and her sensitivity got me through the emotional part. I always felt like I was in good hands under her care.  I will always be grateful for her concern and her ability to address my situation...........Karen H.  


"a ridiculous solution...I thought he was totally nuts!"


That's what I thought when Dr. Marra suggested I try a night splint. I could not imagine how in the world this device was going to give me relief from the extreme pain I was suffering.

I was so tired of not being able to walk and I was not used to having a problem I could not resolve on my own.

Dr. Marra detrermined that I had a bone spur which was causing me great heel pain. He started with antiinflammatory medication, a cortisone injection and sending me to physical therapy. When that combination didn't give me enough relief, he suggested the night splint. Literally, within one week, I felt better. I trhought he had to be nuts...but I am TOTALLY amazed...and delighted to be feeling better.

I plan to wear my night splint until it wears out!...........   Susan B. 

Bunched up Sock

For the longest time I had the feeling under my toes that my sock was all bunched up. It was both frustrating and painful. I even tried using different kinds of socks. It wasn't until I went to Dr. Marra for some relief that I learned that I was suffering the classic symptoms of a neuroma.He treated me with a series of alcohol injections and it has made a HUGE difference! In fact, even my back pain has subsided now that I am not favoring that foot anymore.

Absolutely amazing! It is a great relief to finally be out of pain...........Kevin M. 

Bunion Surgery

“My feet hurt me so much, even wearing sneakers was painful. I had gone to several doctors before coming to Dr. Marra. He was informative, compassionate and very reassuring.  It was impressive how he talked to me about my options. I had bunion surgery and at a later date, hammertoe surgery and was in awe at the lack of pain.

I have since developed diabetes and I see him regularly for my diabetic foot care.   It has always been the right place to go!” .....  Cindy F.

No More Pain!

“As a teacher, I was on my feet all day and in constant pain before I came to see Dr. Winters. I have a weight problem and I appreciated that she treated me ‘not as a fat person’ but ‘as a woman with foot pain.’ Over the last three years she has surgically corrected bunions on both of my feet, as well as a hammertoe. Having surgery has changed my life! It was a tremendous blessing to be treated by Dr. Winters. I am about to invent a new foot problem just to go back and see her again” ….. Janet W.

EPAT..It's working for me!


Teachers are always on their feet and as a result I have suffered with heel pain for years! I went to several podiatrists and had injections, physical therapy, orthotics and home exercises. Nothing gave me the relief I was looking for. My family physician encouraged me to see Dr. Robert Marra.

I always knew that surgery was an option, but Dr. Marra offered me the alternative, less invasive procedure called EPAT, or Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment. After I did my own exhaustive research and found out that the success rate was 80-85% I decided to give it a try.

When I arrived for my first treatment, the staff quickly put me at ease by telling me what I would feel and more importantly, what it would sound like! During the treatment, Dr. Marra explained where he was in the process, when he was about to increase the pulses and how much longer we had to go. Before I returned for my second treatment, I had already seen a 50% decrease in the pain! I am so pleased. Now I realize how much my other foot is hurting and I plan to do EPAT for that foot as well.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone! ……….. Rosemarie M.